In 1966 Mr. Salustino Buhat, Principal of Guinbirayan Elementary School, adopted the idea and principle of Dr. Pedro Orata who established a community High School that became a Community University in Pangasinan.

Mr. Buhat requested the Department of Education through the Division superintendent to establish the first Barangay High School in the Province of Romblon, as a test case. The establishment of the school was subsequently permitted by the authorities, and later on, the salary of teachers was taken from the tuition fee of students.

During the school’s first year of operation, there were only two levels:  first year and second year levels. First year level started with 62 students, while the second year level had 28 enrollees using the borrowed room from the elementary level.

The school nearly went upside down the following year because of limited enrollees, and resources were badly needed to sustain the operation of the school. But three teachers- Mr. Lorenzo O. Molina, Mr. Manuel G. Irao and Mr. Pablito F. Pastor- took to heart their profession, then made no-nonsense house to house campaign across the four (4) neighboring barangays explaining the importance of education to parents whose children were qualified to enroll as a high school students. The parents then agreed to enroll their children to the school. The operation of the school continued, once it reached the required enrolment.

On the third year operation, the three (3) male teachers became four (4): Mr. Miguel Galido was the fortunate one to be recruited. Because of the increasing enrolment, other teaching services were made in honorarium bases from the elementary school teachers. PTA building were constructed and then utilized for almost ten years under the supervision of the elementary school Principal, until it came a time when the enrolment was sufficient enough to cover the operating expenses of the school every year.

Knowing that the school has no more problem on its yearly enrolment, the teachers with the help of Mrs. Cristeta Casas started negotiating with government authorities the establishment of the High School site. With the continuous follow-up of Mrs. Laura C. Bandala to the different agencies and concerned persons, the present site was realized. The National High School Building was finally constructed and is now being enjoyed by 400 students with teachers and staff getting National Government’s financial assistance to cover their salary and other benefits.



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